Thursday, October 2, 2014

Well Done, Moo: How to do "Hurry!" properly

I stated in a recent post that I hate when stores and advertisements and marketers tell me to "Hurry!" In fact, this is what I wrote:

If something is on sale for a limited time and I desperately want that sale item, I'll hurry all by my big self to purchase it without some marketer telling me to get a move on. I have enough "Hurry!" in my life that is self-induced. So if a store is gonna tell me to hurry, I will flat out refuse. And I'll get pissed, which means I may not shop at that store at all just out of principle.

Today, I feel I need to point out that there is a flip side to my assertion. When a store or advertisement has a light touch and doesn't pressure me (in addition to providing a quality product), I'm more likely to become a loyal customer. Here's an example of "light touch" marketing I received via email:

Note what it says at the bottom: "No pressure".

Oh, hello, Moo. I appreciate the reminder. Yes, I will make a purchase. Thank you very much.

Moo does "Hurry!" properly. So, to reinforce such considerate marketing behavior on Moo's part, I'm gonna put in a plug for them today.

Rest assured, there is no pressure for you, my dear friends, to "Hurry!" or even to peruse their merchandise; and Moo has not asked me to do this. I just wanted to let you know that I love this company. I make all my business cards through Moo. Slightly more expensive than other places perhaps, but you get a FAR superior product. I have business cards and mini cards (which I love) from Moo, and I'm constantly getting compliments when I give these cards out to people. (Bonus: it makes a GREAT impression.)

Other perks:
  • regular sales are offered (Moo will email them to you)
  • design your own card from scratch or use their templates
  • beautiful, professional, non-cheesy templates
  • all sizes and shapes of products in all price ranges
  • easy to use website
  • A fun, quirky company name; Moo!
  • they assured me "No pressure" as shown above - Sweet! 
So if you are in need of any sort of business-y accouterments, check out Moo. And have a hopeful Thursday!



  1. I've had cards from moo, and from vistaprint, both sale items. but I'm thinking of checking out some small local printing businesses for my next batch of printing. while I love Staples, I prefer to try and support small business as much as possible.

    1. Oh, yes! I'm also a supporter of using small, local businesses. Well done, Debbi! And, as always, it's nice to see you :)


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