Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Clarified Butter Moment #2: Things I Now Know that I Should Have Known But Didn't

Part of seeing the world more clearly has also entailed seeing myself (or, at least trying to see myself) more clearly. So I've been intentional about taking note of things I do, say, believe, react to of which I was formerly unaware. Some of these things are innocent findings; some I'm not necessarily proud of; all are true. And, according to Dr. Phil, you can't change what you don't acknowledge. So here are just a few things I've discovered about myself:

1. It makes my angry when store advertisements tell me to "Hurry!" If something is on sale for a limited time and I desperately want that sale item, I'll hurry all by my big self to purchase it without some marketer telling me to get a move on. I have enough "Hurry!" in my life that is self-induced. So if a store is gonna tell me to hurry, I will flat out refuse. And I'll get pissed, which means I may not shop at that store at all just out of principle.

2. I sometimes cut my hair as a symbolic gesture. This is not categorically true, but I just hacked off my hair and it felt momentous--like the beginning of a new era. An era of hope and easier hair maintenance. 

(Aside: I have no intention of changing the header on my blog to reflect my new tresses--so that long-haired Anna at the top of my blog page is going to stay there with her red hair blowing. Oh, and yes, my hair is still red.)

3. I hold grudges. I never thought I did, but in some areas I've discovered I do. I hold grudges when:
  • people don't reply to emails/text messages/phone calls
  • people forget my birthday
  • people label me
These grudges are not malicious or vengeful, and they may only last a few days. But in some things (like the labeling) I guess I'm like Mr. Darcy in that "my good opinion lost is lost forever." Well, maybe not forever, but it'll take awhile to undo the grudginess.

4. I've been spelling Muenster cheese wrong my whole life. I spelled it Meunster cheese. I'm working through a 12-step plan for recovering from this lapse in judgement. 

5. I'm addicted to purchasing autumnal attire. Boots, coats, hats, scarves. Either I need to live in a place of perpetual Fall or I need to go through another 12-step plan for un-addicting myself to these purchases. However, I'm not sure I'm ready to give this addition up yet.  

6. When my personal life is out of control, it does not affect my professional life--in fact, my professional life actually improves because it is a place where I have control, where I feel successful, where I can close the door on the crazy of the rest of my life. It is often said that men compartmentalize well and women do not. For me, I am a successful compartmentalizer. (Take that, gender stereotypes!) 

7. I hate big hunks of celery in soup and potato salad and pretty much everything else in which big chunks of celery are typically found.

8. I am terrible at saving money for a rainy day. By the way I spend money you would think every day is a rainy day. (And, loving rainy days, it would be fabulous if that were true!)

9. I keep my circle of friendship small because I have little patience for surfacey relationships--"Go deep or go home" could be a motto I embroider on a pillow. And I'm particular about those with whom I go deep. Thus the small friendship circle. Unfortunately, some people interpret this as snobbery.

10. I have always pronounced the "T" in often. But the "T" is silent. This falls into the same category of Meun--ahem, Muenster Cheese. I'm still recovering.

And, speaking of seeing myself more clearly, I also took the Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment for the first time since leaving college. I challenge you to take it. (You can take it online for FREE by clicking here. But you don't have to "Hurry!" because I'm not one of those pushy marketers.) Give it a go when you have a minute. Check out your results. While a test NEVER defines you, it can at times offer you some insight into yourself. 

I'm an INFJ. (See, if you've taken the test you'll know what that means.) What personality type are you?

Have a hopeful Wednesday!



  1. 1: I totally agree. We are manipulated enough by marketers, the least they can do is pretend to be subtle about it sometimes. I hate being told to "hurry" to every fangled "sale" that might happen. If everything is urgent, then nothing can be important.
    2.Congratulations on your momentous hair hacking, I can't wait to see how it looks!
    3. I recognize myself in these grudge-worthy character lapses (#1 is rather glaring at me) and can only plead guilty. I need a 12 step program for prompt email and telephone replies.
    4. If it's any consolation, both Muenster and Meunster look wrong to me but then I always want to spell receive recieve.
    5. Gah! Me too! I love autumnal attire! My absolute favorite season in the whole big bad wide world. Don't ever give up your addiction to autumnal wear, Anna!
    6. Hm, I wish I knew what it felt like to have any organization in my life at all.
    7. completely disagree. Hunks of celery = awesome in a bowl.
    8. I think I am too.
    9. Preach it. I've accepted that I will never have an overflowing social circle. I'm okay with that.
    10. I always thought it was a regional dialect thing how a person pronounced often, and living in Boston, I can hardly be a position to judge other regions' pronunciation on words.
    11. INFP, which apparently makes me a diplomat. Which is strange, considering diplomats are often needed in stressful/anxious situations; situations in other words, that make a meek and mild mannered INFP like me quake in her booties. But there ya go.
    Anyway, I love and appreciate the clarity that comes forth from your mind like butter! Mm. Speaking of which, I just stocked up, so any time you have a hankering to visit. . . :-)

    1. Okay, first of all, I LOVE that you responded individually to everything on my list. It makes me smile like crazy. And, apart from quibbling over celery inclusion/exclusion, it seems we are friends for a good reason. Even our personality profiles line up apart from the "P" and "J". And I completely think you should be a diplomat - the diplomatic world could use some Liza wisdom and wit. Hugs and Hogs to you, my dear! xo

  2. PS: regarding #3, I'll only ever label you Awesome

    1. I'll accept this label only if I may thusly label you Awesome as well!

  3. The T is silent? Really? If that's true, I might need to join you in the 12 step recovery.

    1. Evidently so. See you in "Silent T" support group - it meets every Thursday down the hall from ASA (Autumnal Shopaholics Anonymous).


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