Friday, November 7, 2014

Finding the Pacific and Following a Rainbow Home

On Monday I returned from a 4-day trip out to Seattle to visit my dear friend, Jessica. We took a day-trip out to the coast and Cape Flattery, the most North-Western point of the continental US. The entire day was filled with breathtaking skies, awe-inspiring seas, and wonder-filled wilds. I cannot count the amount of times we stopped along the road to take pictures and mingle with the beauty of creation. Since a picture is evidently worth a thousand words, I'll use those instead of fledgling descriptors to share with you pieces of our journey.

The Road to the Coast
Looking across to Canada
Curious creatures and . . .
curious sights.
Me gazing out to sea - photo compliments of Jessica Andrews
First glimpse of Cape Flattery and the powerful Pacific
We walked through ferns and past redwoods . . . 
. . . over roots and under evergreen bows . . .
. . . treaded softly over moss and around mushrooms . . .
. . . until our toes touched the Pacific.
Photo compliments again of Jessica and her handy-dandy tripod.
Then we climbed back through the bracken (from which one half expected hobbits to appear)
and followed this rainbow home.


  1. So beautiful. I haven't visited the Pacific NW for a long time, now, but your pictures took me straight back. I remember a particular Fourth of July at the Oregon coast when my Oklahoma summer-thinned blood nearly froze to death, but the surroundings were amazingly beautiful! Thank you for sharing your trip, Anna :)

    1. It is indeed beautiful, and while I'm used to cold, when that wind blew it seemed to cut right to the bone! Brrr! I loved the wildness of it all; while civilization is present, it felt as though nature still held the upper hand--which it always does, really, but in Washington everyone knows it. :) Thanks, Danni!


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