Friday, May 10, 2013

Put the Kettle On, Mum, I'm Coming Home

In just a few short weeks I'll be headed first to Ireland, then on to Scotland. And my heart starts to hammer in excitement just thinking of it. I have never been to Ireland, so I eagerly await my first taste. But Scotland. Ah, Scotland. The home of my husband is home to me. Every time I clap eyes on my sweet Mum-in-Law's cottage overlooking the Cromarty Firth, my heart knows it has found its resting place. So while there is still time and much to do before lifting off over the Atlantic, I want to take a minute to revel. To saver. And to share with you just a sampling of the sweetness of The Motherland. And, fortunately for us all, my dear friend Jessica Andrews has taken some of the most stunning pictures of Scotland ever. So sit back and enjoy the view.

In Scotland, if you stand on a hillside, you can watch a rain storm and never get wet. And there's something about staring out at the horizon and seeing sea mix with sky til you can no longer tell them apart.

This is one of my favorites--the sea evokes such calm within me.

The Isle of Skye--fitting name, yes?

Balmoral Castle--see the flag? That means the Queen is in. When she leaves the flag is taken down. Seems a strange thing to do, announce to the world that the castle has emptied, so anyone set on burgling will know it's open season on the family silver. But tradition is, after all, of utmost importance.

Arthur's Seat--just outside of Edinburgh--this is where Jonathan used to run when he was in training for basketball. (This view would be quite the inspiration while running, I would think.) This is also where the scene in Chariots of Fire was filmed when Eric Liddell said, "When I run, I feel [God's] pleasure." (If you haven't seen Chariots of Fire, you must! Make it your weekend mission.)

Why do I love sea wrecks? Don't know, but I do! And look at that sky!

This is my other favorite. There's just something about Eilean Donan castle--or maybe it's just my jealousy because my castle is in ruins and this one wasn't burned to the ground in a frenzy of Scottish Highland pride. 

The view from Stirling Castle. Dang. I wouldn't mind waking up to this view everyday. This is truly God's country.

Corgarff Castle--I'm not as jealous over this one. This one's tiny. No room for all my books. But it was at one time used as a distillery, so I bet they know how to throw a good party!

See what I mean? Isn't Jessica--or, as most of us know her, Jessie--a brilliant photographer? If you want to be awed by more of what she's captured, you can find her on Flickr or Twitter. Be sure to check out her pictures of Australia. And of Germany. Oh, and of New York City--well, just check them all out. You won't be disappointed. 

Hope your Friday is sweet, dear friends!

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  1. beautiful! This puts me back in a happy place after a frustrating session with bloghatin'. I don't know, Ireland has some pretty big scenic shoes to fill. Think she can manage?
    Hope your Friday is swell!

    1. I'm thinkin' Ireland can hold its own (and I'm thinking the company i'll be keeping will aid in that). And I'm so sorry about the whole Bloghatin' thing--need help? I can try to shed some light from my meager, battery-waning torch if you'd like. And I'm glad I could help you find a happy place, Liza :)

  2. So beautiful. I've wanted to go to Scotland and Ireland always. Hope to make it someday, but until then, I'll look forward to you recounting your visit. :)

    1. Don't fret, I'll be posting pictures, Danni! And I hope you do get to go someday. If you make it to the Highlands, I'll give you a list of "must see" places.

  3. Such gorgeous pictures, we have just got back but unfortunately did not see any skies like these! It must be so exciting for you coming to Scotland, I still get excited when I go and I live just over the border! I have had a couple of days in Bally Castle but would love to explore Ireland further.

    1. I did tell Jessie that it seems the sun was extra cooperative while she was in Scotland--I've never seen so many blue skies! And I think there's always something new to explore--would love to live "just over the border" instead of just across the pond :) Thanks, Fiona!


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