Thursday, June 5, 2014

All Things New

My school year has finished. Done. Fin-ee-toed. As I'm sitting at my cleared and cleaned teacher's desk, staring out at bare walls and crisply white white-boards, I'm thinking about a conversation I had with one of my students yesterday.

She is 16 years old and recently adopted. She had assumed she would never be adopted because everyone wants the young children, not the teenage ones. But, as God would have it, a beautiful family has welcomed this beautiful girl. Because of this new beginning, she also has the opportunity to change her name--not just taking on the last name of her family, but her entire name can change if she so chooses.

And she has so chosen.

So next year, when I see her again, I will greet her by her new name. Her new name will be listed on my class roster. I will hear her new name used by her friends in the hallway just outside my classroom. And I will smile.

Because with newness comes hope. Hope that past darkness doesn't doom us to future darkness. Hope that light and love and kindness still exist and surface at moments we need it most. Hope that new beginnings bring new possibilities.

Hope, though seemingly in short supply in much of the world, radiates from my stunning student. I cannot help but hope, too, because hope is contagious. And because I know that all things--all souls--can be redeemed and made new.

May you have a Hopeful Thursday.



  1. Anna - As one of the grandmothers of this young lady, I would like to thank you for your beautiful words. You have certainly captured her meaning and heart. This post will forever be a reminder to her of the reasons she chose to change her name and future. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Karen

  2. how wonderful. our daughter also wanted to change her name at her beginnings are a blessing.

  3. Good for that young lady, and good for the family who loves her. Hopeful indeed :)

  4. Also, Yay! for getting the school year wrapped again. Since I don't homeschool kids anymore, I don't rejoice as much, but at the ends of the school year then...I had wings on my feet!


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