Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lady Mary Agrees (or so Albert told me)

So I’ve wanted to create my own meme on one of those meme-generators online, but lacked the fodder for something funny or even moderately entertaining. Well, what better fodder than that of a blog award! Amy, over at ADDled, has nominated me for the blogger Sunshine Award—thank you, Amy! What fun! Here’s what this award actually means:

“The Sunshine Award is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers. The receivers of the Sunshine Award are bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.”

So, while the word “blogsphere” is a bit intimidating, I’m honored to receive this award and in my insecurity have turned to Lady Mary for affirmation—which she gave in Lady Mary style (see above). Yet, while I am so pumped to win an award (because I MUST. WIN. THEM. ALL.), I do feel like a big fat fraud receiving it for this very reason:

I blog because I love it.

Yes, this sounds like a ludicrous reason to feel fraudulent. Let me explain. When creating my blog 2 years ago, I set out simply to have a funnel through which I could dump all of my whirling thoughts and creative urges in order to try and orchestrate some kind of order to them all. This began a torrid blogging love affair. I can “verbally” process through the tsunami of ideas and come out feeling a little more in control. And now Amy tells me that I also “inspire.”

Well, tarnation. That’s a whole lot of scrumptious icing on my blog cake. So thank you, Amy, for this treat!

Now the award has some stipulations, as always. I need to offer the blogsphere (nope, that word doesn’t lose its power with continued use—the theory of habituation is clearly flawed) 7 facts about myself, then nominate 7 other blogs for this award. (And I tried to pick blogs that haven't already been nominated.)

Here’s 7 FACTS:

#1 - Unlike Kate, over at Nested, I love potatoes. All potatoes. Mashed, scalloped, fried, buttered, salted, ketchuped, whatever. I come from a strong Germanic background deep in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. So hitch up the buggy and call me Jakey because I’m coming home for those potato cakes.

#2 - As a child, I always wanted to be called Albert. Identity crisis? Appears so. Because I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie with Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert. And my favorite character was Albert. My sister and cousin (female) and I would play “little house” in the back yard and you’d think with 3 of us and only 2 main girls roles (Laura and Mary, duh.) there’d be some squabbling. Not so, my friends. Because I wanted to be Albert. Problem solved. 

Come on, seeing that face, wouldn't you want to be 
called Albert too? No? Okay, then, moving on. 
#3 - I hate to hang up clean laundry. I will put it in drawers, but I hate to put clothes on hangers, it takes way too much work. (I think Lady Mary will back me up on this.) Instead I drape it across the rocking chair in my bedroom until I can no longer find anything without despairing of my life. Once I get to that point, I then hang everything up and start over with an empty chair—like an empty canvas—waiting to be filled. And fill it I do. (vicious cycle.)

#4 - I am the most un-morning person you will probably ever meet. I will snooze the alarm half-a-dozen times before my husband finally yells at me to get out of bed. Then I will trudge to the bathroom, sit on the toilet in silence and do my business while checking FB, Twitter, email, etc on my phone. And if anyone attempts to interact with me during this private moment, they are either ignored or receive the scowl of Sauron. Then it’s directly into the shower. Once the shower is done, I seem to do better. It’s apparently the impetus I need to not be homicidal for the rest of the day.

Sorry, this was too funny not to include.
LOTR lovers, I know you feel me.
#5 - I (and my family) endured some intense post-partum depression after my third child was born. When I have shared this with other mothers over the last few years they often seem relieved and inform me that they too have experienced something similar and don’t feel at liberty to talk about it. What in the world?! Why is there such a negative stigma to post-partum depression? Yes, yes, I know new mothers are supposed to be all aglow at the creation of new life. And there’s a glow about us, all right. It’s sweat from the hauling of carrier seats and laundry baskets full of poopy clothes and soggy burp cloths and feeding little crying mouths, all while running on 2 hours of sleep. It’s hard work, people, and what makes it harder (well nigh impossible) is to make a woman feel deficient because her hormones are telling her to hide in a dark closet or rage at her husband because he put the glass right-side-up instead of up-side-down in the dishwasher. (*Exhale.* Rant over. See, you had no idea what you asked for when offering me this award …actually, it was Amy’s idea, so the rest of you can stop reading at any time. Okay, this is taking too long. Moving speedily along...)

#6 - I watch the Vampire Diaries because—despite my aversion to the blood and gore and appalling underage drinking and partying—its story-telling is gripping. It’s much like Twilight—I know how horribly ridiculous it is, yet I can’t stop watching.

#7 - I now, finally, have a door back on my bathroom! (Though this does not mean I relinquish my vow to doorless living. Quite the opposite, actually.)

And now, the nominations (in no particular order because they are all stupendous and inspirational) are:

Karen at The Wordshop
Liza at Green Light*
Kristi at The Winged Pen*
Lauren at Porters Happy Place**

*Both Kristi and Liza are shiny, new bloggers. And while they only have a few posts up, I know that getting rid of their doors and leaping into the blogsphere took great courage for them both. Yet they still did it. Which to me is inspiring. You rock, ladies!

**Lauren is a former student of mine and she is one of the most delightful people you’ll ever meet—I am SO proud of her!

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  1. Congratulations on your award! And it would seem that our similarities continue to grow in number. I love your meme. And I love the Sauron meme. RIDICULOUS. And what is Liza's blog URL?

    Congrats again, lovely lady!

    1. Thanks, Kate! And congrats on your new leg lamp as well! Liza's blog is:


  2. How fun, funny, insightful, and fearless. You always make me smile with your honesty even when the subject matter should not generate such a response. You are a very deserved winner and I applaud not only you but whomever had the wonderful judgment to give you this award. I do not feel worthy to be nominated but, by your grace, I am humbled to be in such wonderful company. Thank you Anna for your voice, your wisdom, and your example. Live fearlessly, love fearlessly, and write fearlessly. You inspire us all and we are beholden.

    1. My, thank you, Terry! You are far too effusive with your praise (I'm starting to blush), but I do appreciate your continuous support and encouragement. Indeed you always bring me a smile when your sunshiny face appears. And I look forward to hearing your "acceptance speech" for your award!

  3. Congrats on the award! You certainly deserve it!

  4. Oh, Anna, thank you so much once again for nominating me for a super cool blogging award. I really am touched you like my blog enough to do so. I'll get right on my acceptance post. :)
    You are very deserving of your honor, as well, and I'm glad to know more about you. Post-partum depression is a bugger. Would there be a link between that and wishing to be Albert as a child? (No, I don't think so, either.)
    I love both your memes, too. They're hilarious. Poor Sauron. What a rip off.
    I'm glad I stumbled across your blog about that horrible meat man. :)

    1. I'm sure Freud would have something to say about a connection between Albert and my post-partum depression. But I'm not sure I'd want to hear it :) So glad you stumbled across my blog too! Such fun! And I look forward to hearing your "acceptance speech" :)

  5. Anna, congrats on your nomination. This was a great post! Fun! AND thank you so much for nominating me. I feel very honored. :)

    1. Thank you so much, Drema! And you are most welcome--you and your delightful blog are so deserving!

  6. Love it! Love you! Witty, insightful, inspiring. Well earned, and congratulations on your bathroom door! And thank you for my nomination, it makes me ridiculously happy to be included among so many fabulous writers

    1. Aw, thanks, Liza! I'm cyber-blushing! And I too am quite delighted by my door :) You are most welcome and most deserving of the nomination...I'm about to amble on over to your blog to read your acceptance speech. Love you too!


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