Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Keeping Up Appearances

It is that time of year again when, in my British Lit. class, we have arrived at Rabbie Burns. I posted last April Burns' poem "To A Louse" after a horrendous lice-filled week. However, I wanted to bring this poem up again because, even after 200+ years, it seems that Burns has captured human nature to a "T". We are so stinkin' concerned with appearances. Looking right. Acting right. Dressing right. As though the approval of strangers carries more weight than the cultivation of our inner person.

And perhaps this is more specific to women than men, but I do think there is expectation of performance put upon us that squelches all that we might be if we quit being afraid of what others think. So, maybe, when feeling a mite uncertain and fearful of the censure of others, perhaps remember this wee louse, stick out your chin (defiantly, if you can), and carry on being you. 

To refresh your memory, here's a video of Dawn Steele (fabulous Scottish actress) reciting "To A Louse":

And here is an episode of "Keeping Up Appearances" because I LOVE old British comedies, and this show feels in keeping with today's post. Enjoy, and may you have a hopeful (and non-louse-y) Wednesday!


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  1. this was one of my daughters favorite shows when she was little.

    1. How fun, Debbi - so glad I'm not alone in my love for this show!

  2. Love it, Anna. It is true the wee beasties are a great leveler of the small and great. And I love Keeping Up Appearances, too! Patricia Routledge is such a hoot. Poor old Richard. I always wondered why Gramps laughed so much when Hyacinth was bringing her personality to bear on the poor fellow. :)

    1. Knowing what little I do of you, Danni, I can't imagine you are anything like Hyacinth. But I'm delighted that you like the show as much as I do. Hyacinth actually stresses Jonathan out--to watch him twitch and shudder and mumble to himself (much like Richard) simply adds to the viewing pleasure.


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