Monday, December 16, 2013

Just. Can't. Help. It.

I love to give gifts. Not just at Christmas time, but always. If you remember to last week (and that's hard for me sometimes) the authors of A Pioneer Christmas did a giveaway that included every entrant receiving a copy of A Pioneer Christmas Cookbook.

Well, I want everyone to have a copy of this fun holiday cookbook with recipes from each of the Pioneer Christmas authors. So click HERE and you too can have a free copy of this cookbook. No strings. No entry requirements. Just click and the PDF is yours! My gift to you.

Happy cooking!

Also, there are still 2 more days to enter Bob Neff Tours's Book Bundle Giveaway! Hope your days are warm and bright! (But if not, just listen to Michael Buble for awhile and they will warm and brighten right quick.)

Happy Monday!

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  1. Thank you for the recipes, Anna. They look so yummy. I'm fresh out of suet, so I might not make the pudding, but I love carrot soup and will try that. The pigeon pie has also given me some ideas on what to do about the pigeon problem in our barn. (Hmmm...she says, jacking some birdshot into the old shotgun.) :)
    I love Michael Buble, too. What lady doesn't?


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