Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Merry Christmas Giveaway

The authors of A Pioneer Christmas Collection are so thankful for all of your support, comments, feedback, and reviews you have offered that we want to say thank you! So we are having another giveaway--a giveaway where EVERYONE wins something.

Anyone who participates in the giveaway automatically will receive a PDF of A Pioneer Christmas Cookbook--a "mini" cookbook that contains recipes from each of the authors, some are favorite family recipes, some are recipes that coincide with the novella we wrote. (Both of my recipes are from my sweet Scottish family, and one is a Christmas dessert discussed in A Silent Night.)

Then one "Grand Prize" winner will receive a signed copy of A Pioneer Christmas Collection and a copy of A Log Cabin Christmas (the previous Christmas collection put out by Barbour in 2011) which includes novellas by our Michelle Ule and Margaret Brownley. Tis a merry way to kick off the Christmas season!

The Giveaway ends on Wednesday, December 11 at Midnight (Pacific Time). Books will be mailed to the winner no later than December 15 (so you'll have them in time for Christmas!) 

Enter the Giveaway below!

(The Pioneer Christmas Collection Cookbook is ONLY available as a PDF. No purchase required)


  1. Anna, this might sound gross, but one of my favorite Christmas memories was when I had bought one of those meat and cheese boxes from the Wisconsin Cheeseman and we stayed home with our little boys, butchered a hog, and ate the cheese sampler for dinner. The hog might not have fared so well, but we had a happy day. Very blessed. :)

    1. Ha! This sounds like a delightful memory (as you said, for your family, not so much the hog). Do your boys remember the hog and cheese? Well, hog or no hog, I do believe we are all quite blessed. Thanks, Danni.

    2. Hm. I will have to ask them about that. I think the youngest was only about two.


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