Monday, September 23, 2013

Catching the Moments That Matter

Jonathan proudly displaying his 42 lb Stryper.

My presence on the Isle has been conspicuously spotty over the last few weeks. I have not kept up with the "Had I But Known" guest series. The social networking venues (i.e. Twitter and Facebook) have not seen much of me lately. And, quite unmiraculously, the world has continued to turn. Your lives have rivered along down their paths with little interruption and with hardly a cursory thought of "I wonder what's happened to Anna" passing through your mind.

Well, for those that are interested, this is what I've been up to:
  • I've finished up a short story project that I've been working on for 2 years. 
  • I've been researching my novel-in-progress. 
  • I've been working on my critical thesis for grad school.
  • Most importantly (and I probably should have mentioned this first) I've been spending time with my kids.
To sum up: I've been doing things that I would regret not doing. 

Pickin' maters from the garden and watching the rain from the back porch.

I don't want to be the person who sits around reflecting on a big fish lost to the sea. I don't want there to ever be a moment I should have caught that got away. And if that means retreating a bit from blogging and networking so I can reel in a catch, then I'm gonna do it. I want, at the end of the day, to be grinning like a maniac (like the insane grin Jonathan has on his face in the fish picture above) because I caught the moments that matter.

And I hope that you all will do the same. Go catch some moments and savor them!

Happy Monday, all!!

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  1. Good for you, Anna. I have noticed your absence on the blog and missed you, but your beautiful little girl next to the maters (I'm so envious of them, by the way) will be eighteen before you blink your eyes. Get the goodies while you can.
    And THAT is an awesome fish! All of my many male offspring would be grinning like that, too. :)

    1. If you lived closer, Danni, I'd gladly offer you some maters. We seem to have a surplus. (Our bell peppers, on the other hand, are pathetic). And it's nice to know I've been missed. I'll keep posting as often as I can, I'm just--as always--trying to find that balance: if I'm going to err, then I'd rather err on the side of my kids. I'll pass your compliment on to Jonathan--he's still beaming with delight. (You might be able to see his glow the whole way in OK.) Hope you and your crew are well, Danni! And thanks!


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