Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tomorrow's a Big Day!

Just a quick trumpeting announcement: tomorrow is guest blog day!

Signing our Silent Isle guest book for the blog series "Had I But Known" is the oh-so-talented Alicia Anthony. (And having already read her piece, I promise you will NOT want to miss it.)

While Alicia is captivating you here, I will be guest writing for Kate and her Nested blog series "That's When I Realized." And it's a post that I'm quaking a bit about--not only am I having to live up to all the other phenom guest writers she's had, but it's a post that bares a dark bit of my past that I haven't talked too much about. So if you're keen to read about an epiphonal moment I have had in my life, feel free to hustle over! I'd love to have my dear Isle Dwellers there for support.

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend savoring the blooming onrush of Spring! 

See you tomorrow!


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