Tuesday, May 7, 2013

And a Whoppin' Big Hug to You All!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the warm welcome that you gave yesterday to Alicia (and to all the guest writers we have had visit.) And get ready, we've got Amy from over at ADDled visiting next Monday. (Can't wait!) Additionally, I want to say thank you for your smiles and waves and kind words while I was a guest over at Nested. You all are seriously the sweetest readers ever! (I even got a hug from Danni! Loved it!) Thank you all a zillion times over! And since I am a hugger, I'm sending hugs out to you all!

Now. There is also another order of business on the docket this morning. Something that may bring a great sweeping sadness to the land. As much as I adore all things Downton Abbey, I have decided to make up a new banner for our blog series "Had I But Known" that doesn't include the cast of the Masterpiece phenom. I feel I may have graduated from creating a mere meme (those two words look funny together: mere meme) to creating actual photos and banners that appear, shall I say, more "professional." While this blog is by no means professional, I am a bit OCD about stuff looking neat and organized and cohesive....which you might actually believe so long as you don't look at my bedroom. Yes, I confess, there are piles of clothes on the rocking chair and on the ironing board--which is ironic because I don't iron (two more words that are funny together: iron, ironic. Ha!)-- that I cannot bring myself to hang in the closet. (Sorry, Jonathan, you'll just have to get over that one.)

And because I don't want any of my previous guest writers to feel slighted that they didn't have the opportunity to have this nifty banner on their blog post, I will be swapping out dear Lord Grantham, and swapping in the new banner (though I will place the old banner at the bottom of the previous guest posts....because I can, and because I'm not willing to do away with the beloved brits altogther.) So for next time, prepare yourselves for our new Had I But Known banner. Tada!

Hope you have a tremendous Tuesday!!

Top image from: nvartscouncil.com

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  1. It's beautiful! How did you make it?

    1. Why thank you! And as much as I hate to reveal my secret (bahaha!) here's the website: http://quotescover.com/category/wording/quotes#sthash.GP0UR1LA.ihORCgXa.dpbs and, oh, yes, it's free.

  2. I'm just stopping by to say I appreciated your guest post on Nested. It's nice to know that the same thing happens to other (sane) people. I thought my mind was slipping over the edge at the time. I wholly agree about the term baby blues--way too cutesy for the reality sometimes. I cried and prayed my way out of that life stage, with kiddo #1, mostly avoided it with kiddo #2, and I'm not sure I want to chance it by bringing a kiddo #3 into the picture.

    I'm glad it's over for you. No one wants to feel like there's a monster lurking under their skin. Hurray for wonderful husbands who put up with us through the "for worse" stages. I didn't do much raging at mine, but he probably would've preferred that at times. :-) At least you had the guts to voice your problem. Kudos to you!

    1. Oh, Tabitha, thank you for your sweet words. It's the most horrible thing when you not only feel out of control of yourself, you feel completely alone in the midst of it as well. And sometimes all you can do is cry and pray your way out, as you said. And there were days when I literally had no words to pray. I just kept whispering "Jesus" and hoped that He'd hold true to His promise and intercede for me. I have always been a very upbeat, positive person, so this whole thing completely threw me. And I still occasionally feel myself falling into a funk that I just can't shake--sometimes for even a few days. But praise God we're not alone in this! Again, thank you for your support--and know that you have mine as well!


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